The Low-Maintenance Girl’s Summer Make-up Essentials

You know those women who always look perfectly pulled together? Hair, nails, make-up, always done? On top of every latest trend and pulling it off impeccably?

Yeah. I am totally not one of those women.

I want to be. Kind of. It just takes a lot of energy to make oneself look perfect all the time. Being more high maintenance is one of those goals that’s up there with running a marathon for me. It sounds like a nice thing to try….someday. Definitely not today though. And probably not tomorrow either.

But, as I said in this post, wearing a little make-up does make a difference in my attitude. It’s not that I am ashamed of how I look without make up. I left all those “I feel bad about my neck” type insecurities behind long ago. I just like to look and feel a little bit pulled together. And for me, personally, that includes making a tiny effort in the make-up department.

If you are one of those flawlessly pulled together ladies…please avert your eyes. I am not a beauty expert! But if you are looking for something to give you a more finished- but still very natural- look, these products have been great for me.

Low-maintenance Summer Make-up Essentials

Low Maintenance Summer Make-up Essentials

1) Tarte BB Tinted Treatment: This is a tinted primer with SPF 30. It is a BB cream so it does all the things: minimizes pores, covers under eye circles, evens and brightens skin. I really love it for summer- just a few dabs and you are done.

2) Tarte Cheek Stain: Cheek stains sound scary, but I promise this one is not. It comes in a big stick, so you just dab it, blend it in right away, and you are good to go. It also looks great on your lips if you are feeling fancy.

3) Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil: I know what you are thinking: “Whoa. What? I thought this was called low maintenance make up”? Don’t worry. My hairstylist, who is also a mom, gave me this tip. It is worth the extra 15 seconds. Particularly if you have lighter brows, just the tiniest bit of filling in can make your whole face look more “done”. Per my stylists’ advice, I got a quick lesson in the art of brow lining at Sephora and never looked back. Just do it!

4) Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara: I love buying make-up at department stores. It makes me feel so grown up. But sometimes, the cheap stuff just works. This mascara is what I always go back to. If you have lighter lashes like I do, a quick coat of mascara makes a big impact.

5) OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark nail polish + Formula X: The System: I have actually made the attempt to be more high maintenance in the nail care department. But only in the most minimal way. I fell in love with black nail polish late last summer. This shade from OPI is surprisingly neutral and when paired with the Formula X long-wearing polish kit, my manicure actually lasts a week before I have to redo it- my pedicure can go as long as three weeks. (And I am a boy mom, we don’t have time to baby our manicures. So trust me when I say this stuff works)!

These products have really helped me create a simple, low-maintenance summer look!

What other low-maintenance tips, tricks, and products do you love for summer? Share your beauty secrets with us in the comments!


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