Slow Summer

We didn’t really mean for it to happen. We kind of wanted to save money. We kind of forgot to plan ahead. Mostly I think deep down we were just tired and in need of some rest. The kind of rest and refreshment that can only come from being still. And taking in large doses of sunshine.

We are having a slow summer.

There are no big trips or projects planned.  We aren’t running all over town for various activities and lessons. We aren’t even doing our usual sensory and art projects. My brain is apparently on vacation from housework too, but I won’t go there in this post.

Simple Summer

So….what are we doing?

Playing in our water table, sandbox, and playhouse, sure.

And there is pure joy when we take out our pool.

But mainly we are searching for giant bugs.

Looking for airplanes.

Puttering around watering and preening our plants- while my toddler collects and stashes away all the wilted blooms.

Occasionally digging holes in the lawn (sorry Hubs)!

Eating lunch on the patio.

Running as fast as we can.

Playing with sticks and mud.

Practicing somersaults on a blanket.

Wondering where the birds are flying to and why the bark on trees is so rough.

We are doing nothing, yet my boys are more engaged and busier than ever. I am trying to be a little more hands-off and a lot more observant.

simple summer

In the winter, stuck inside for weeks and months on end, we do projects. All.The.Time. It’s necessary for my sanity. And I am a former kindergarten teacher. That’s the kind of stuff I love! But I am seeing that this accidentally slow summer is teaching my boys to be self-directed. To observe and explore the world around them, and filter their findings through their own thoughts.

So if you are having a slow summer, I encourage you to embrace it. Yes, going all the places and doing all the things is fun. Don’t get me wrong, we love to do that too! But staying home, doing nothing other than being present and soaking in some sunshine, is good for the soul too!

Happy summer friends!


One thought on “Slow Summer

  1. We consciously decided to take it slower this summer too, and it. is. glorious. No running to swim lessons every day (although I caved on the T-Ball…), no music classes, no schedule to speak of. Sometimes we NEED that, and boy did I need it after our first year of Life With a School-Aged Child. Oy.

    Plus, there are so many mysteries in our own backyards to solve. Where DO those birds go?! Let’s get together soon and figure it out! 🙂

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