Menu Plan Monday: June 22nd

Here’s what we are having for dinner this week! I hope you find some inspiration!

Buffalo Chicken Salad: This is an adult favorite but it is really spicy. To make it kid friendly I either save out some plain chicken before I add the sauce, or I bake up some (healthy-ish) chicken strips from Perdue or Applegate brand. No battling, no mom guilt. I call that a win.

Grilled Chicken + Strawberry Mango Salsa + rice: I love, love, LOVE this salsa! It gets bonus flavor points this week courtesy of some garden fresh basil!

Grilled brats + marinated veggie salad + chips

Chili Lime Chicken Tacos: Fair warning, if these turn out anything like the photo, I will be Instagram-ing them. Pretty food is my favorite food!

Pizza Pasta Salad

Tortilla roll-ups + fruit + chips: I might try making these with bacon. How bad could that be?

Pizza Night

Have a great week!


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