Menu Plan Monday: June 15th

Things to know about me this week:

1) I have declared a one-woman war on the squirrels who insist on digging in my flower pots. I know some people are like “oh, come on, they are so cute”, but as I confessed here, I am a flower hoarder and I take their transgressions seriously. It. Is. ON. (By the way, if you know of any squirrel repelling tricks besides sprinkling nutmeg and cayenne pepper on the soil or yelling at them through the window like a crazy lady, please let me know)!

2) I haven’t put laundry away in a week. Its clean and folded semi-neatly in baskets in the laundry room. Other than some inconvenient, towel-clad runs through the kitchen to get to our clothes, I don’t see any major problems with this so it might continue for some time.

3) My older son will be turning five in a few short months and he might as well be turning 25 as far as my emotions are concerned. We are in the process of getting him signed up for karate (or “kung fu” as he calls it), swimming, and preschool. He is basically a grown man. (I really want to type all the sad face emojis. But I won’t. I will share why in a later post).

So, clearly, my life is full of serious issues right now. That may or may not be why I felt compelled to include a dessert in this week’s menu. Nothing solves problems like eating dessert on the patio, while you watch your kids play, defend your plants from squirrels, and pretend like you really have your house keeping act together.

Or something like that.

Here is what’s for dinner this week:

Peach Pie: Yes, peach pie is first. Life is short, people.

Crock pot Cashew Chicken + steamed veggies + rice

Simple Italian Shrimp + steamed broccoli + garlic bread

Taco Salad + chips + guacamole

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

Burgers + fresh corn + watermelon

Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup

Pizza Night

Have a great week!


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday: June 15th

  1. They grow up SO fast, don’t they?! I was feeling all blubbery about this very thing this weekend, too. The struggle is real, mama! (Insert crying emoji face here, x10.)


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