Confessions of a Flower Hoarder

“Confessions of a Flower Hoarder”. Or “I Guess I Am Turning into My Mother”. Both viable options for the title of my autobiography.

What can I say? I the love colors. I love the sweet smells. I love how caring for flowers is so calm and peaceful- and I love how starkly that contrasts with caring for the other living things in my house. And my mom is an amazing gardener who always has plants overflowing in her garden and in the house. So there are some genetics at work here too.

How do you know if you have crossed the line from “enthusiastic gardener” to “flower hoarder”? Well, I can’t diagnose you, but I can tell you about the events of the past week that helped me realize my condition.

I planned out my garden. (yes, totally normal behavior)


I transplanted the lilies that seeded themselves in my yard into pots. (waste not, want not- its just good sense)


My neighbor offered me her extra flowers- like there is such a thing- which I of course accepted. (I would hate to be rude)


That potted daisy centerpiece from the banquet we went to? Yeah, I planted it. (well…its not that weird)


I said “oh, that’s sweet” as my four year old picked a tiny bouquet of lilacs for me….


Then I showed him how its done by picking my own giant bouquet. (umm….)

imageMy name is Emily and I am a flower hoarder.

Enough is never enough.

Something about having them around is so soothing for me.

They are beautiful and I love them.

I am like a cat lady…except with flowers.

What can you do if you find yourself in the throes of flower hoarding? My advice is to embrace it. Drink in all the peace from gardening that you can. Take 148 photos of your beautiful floral friends.

Summer will be gone before we know it.

If people think you are weird for having 42 flower pots on your patio, forget about them. You can hang out them the other 8 months of the year when there are no flowers for you to hoard care for.

Joking! Just joking….haha.

But really, if you need someone to adore your flowers with you, I would be happy to volunteer!

And if you need to find a new home for some of them…I know a girl who would be thrilled to take them off your hands.


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