Toast and Coffee: The Beauty of Everyday

Nothing says “home” to me like the smell of toast and coffee in the morning.

Toast and Coffee: Everyday Beauty

Sleepy bed heads, the tiny clinks of cereal being poured into a bowl, the pop of the toaster and the heavenly smell of fresh coffee brewing. Early morning light pouring through the windows.

These are little things, yes. But I would argue it’s these tiny details that ground us and I truly believe they are beautiful. I have a weakness for everyday beauty.

It’s a personality trait I inherited from my parents. It’s also got something to do with being a mom. But ironically, the biggest reason why I appreciate the everyday so much is because of the challenges I have been through in life.

Everyday Beauty

The times when I didn’t wake up in my own home, because my home was gone. When I woke up to chaos and didn’t know what would happen next. Illnesses, hospital stays, floods and fires. These are events that take your everyday life and rip it away without a moment’s notice.

These experiences have left their scars on my heart for sure. Not all scars are bad though. A deepened sense of compassion, empathy, and a true appreciation for the everyday are total blessings that have come from these challenges.

And I know you have experienced your own trials. You know that in those moments of chaos and uncertainty all you want is home. Coffee and toast and sleepy smiles.

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So this morning when I woke in my cozy bed, started the coffee and checked my phone, I was heartbroken to see the people of Nepal had suffered another huge earthquake. So many lives lost and everyday life just ripped away by something no one caused or can control.

And there are smaller moments on a world scale (which are no less heartbreaking) that happen in individual lives every day. You don’t have to scroll through your Facebook feed very far to see it. Illnesses and heartbreaks and tragedies.

My heart today is to be an advocate for these people. Don’t leave them alone in their heartache. Don’t be so caught up in your abundance of everyday life that you forget those whose everyday lives have been turned upside down.

Maybe it’s not that you’re too busy to notice these people. Maybe you feel awkward or don’t have a ton of money to give or you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of heartbreak you see around you.

I get it. Me too.

But we don’t have to be eloquent or single-handedly finance the rebuilding of a hospital to make a difference. Pray, donate ten dollars, send a note saying “I don’t know what to say or do but I know you are hurting. I am thinking of you”.

Do something.

Everyday life is beautiful. Take time to appreciate it and don’t forget to show compassion to those who are walking through a difficult season.

Waking up to the smell of toast and coffee is a blessing.

If you would like to help the people of Nepal, click here to donate through World Vision.


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