Simple & Colorful Updates for Summer

It has been chilly out the past few days, but I know summer is on her way! In anticipation of her arrival, I have been craving some fresh color in my space. I love how adding just a few new things here and there can make the whole house feel refreshed. Hubs loves when I can find those things on clearance for only a few dollars! I think with these latest purchases, we have reached a lovely compromise.

First up, some beautiful prints from Naptime Diaries. There were so many amazing prints (each is original art + a Bible verse), I couldn’t choose just one for a little splurge, so I ordered the 4-pack and declared it Mother’s Day!

image image Fresh Color

Next up, some cute faux succulents from the Target dollar section. They were only $3 a piece and I love the fresh and lively look they add to these floating shelves.

Fresh color

Lastly, two great clearance finds from my most recent Target trip.

I found this beautiful basket for only $7.50! Any time I see baskets on clearance, I scoop them up. As I stated in this post, cute storage is essential and you can never have too much! We are currently using it to hold cars and trucks…when the kids are not awake, anyways.

Fresh color

And I was also lucky enough to find this area rug on clearance for $4!!! Our fifteen year old dog has declared it comfy enough to nap on, and was feeling particularly geriatric and stubborn when I wanted to take this picture, so he is our model. I love how the blue contrasts so beautifully with his fur! Such a diva. Anyhow, we had been needing to switch around a few of our small rugs so I was excited to see this one boasting a beautiful red clearance sticker!

Fresh Color

These little accents add just enough color to make our space feel fresh and ready for summer….whenever she decides to grace us with her presence!


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