(Glittery) Monster Truck Madness

I have two little boys. They are pretty standard issue boys when it comes to their interests: trucks, dragons/dinosaurs (they really don’t know the difference), trains, dirt- all the usual suspects. We are usually much more concerned with whether something is “fast” or “strong” than if something is “pretty”.

The exception to this is our arts and crafts time.

These boys love all things colorful and shiny. I credit this to some artsy genetics, as well as plenty of exposure to Hobby Lobby from an early age. Glittery Monster Truck Madness I like to capitalize on their penchant for pretty crafts whenever I can, and thus Glittery Monster Truck Madness was created. It’s really just playing with play dough and trucks, but Glittery Monster Truck Madness sounds so much more exciting!

This activity is a mash up of several Pinterest finds. I love the black + glitter color palette Learn, Play, Imagine used for their erupting moon dust. I kept that color palette in mind (is glitter considered a color?) when I was making the play dough using my favorite homemade play dough recipe from Buggy and Buddy.

And then we added monster trucks. Because boys. glittery monster truck madness This activity is fun for everyone! Boys…..girls…..moms….*ahem*. But really, who doesn’t love smashing things with monster trucks?!

Want to give it a try? Here is what you need!


1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1 cup water

1 Tbs vegetable oil

1 Tbs cream of tartar

glitter: a few tablespoons

black liquid water colors: fair warning, it takes quite a few drops

Black Glitter Play Dough


1) mix all ingredients in a medium size sauce pan

2) stir frequently over medium heat until the dough forms a ball (it comes together pretty quickly so don’t walk away)

3) turn dough out onto parchment paper to cool

4) when dough has cooled, knead out any lumps

5) store in refrigerator after playing

My little guys loved this!  Regular play dough tools are fun, of course, but monster trucks take it to a whole new level! The dough itself looks kind of like (sparkly!) mud, which I liked. My younger son loved to squish the wheels into the dough to make tracks. My older son liked to encase his truck in play dough so it could rev the engine and “bust out”. To each his own.

check out those wheel tracks!
Check out those wheel tracks!

This recipe makes a good amount of soft squishy play dough, and the glitter is mesmerizing. We love store bought play dough too, but it is fun to customize your own sometimes!  I like having this stashed in the refrigerator for chilly mornings or rainy days.

I hope you have as much fun with this activity as we did!

*Safety first! Homemade dough with high salt content could be harmful if a little one consumed too much, so use your best judgment. My play dough keeps well in a container in the fridge for several months, but always check for signs of molding before play!


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