Bug Sensory Bin

We are all about bugs this week. Yesterday I shared about catching and observing bugs in bug habitats. This bug sensory bin (inspired by this post from Sugar Aunts) is a great option for kids who aren’t ready for/thrilled with the idea of bug hunting. It’s easily customized for even the littlest of explorers!

Bug Sensory Bin bug sensory bin Materials:

bin (ours is a white dish tub)

patch of fake grass (available at craft stores)


pretend bugs and butterflies

**Safety first! For kids who still mouth things I would skip the rocks and only use large butterflies/bugs.**


1) Assemble your sensory bin and let your kids play!

As always, sensory bins offer so many (fun!) learning opportunities!

Observation: colors, how many legs, compare and contrast different bugs

Early math concepts: sorting/counting bugs

Science: discuss if these bugs are living or non-living and what living things need

Creativity: so much imaginative play!

I hope you and your little bug hunters have so much fun with these ideas!

*This post has been shared on the Hip Homeschool Moms blog link-up! Check out their page for lots of great resources!


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