Bug Habitats

Bug hunting has become a very popular sport around here. My older son received a bug habitat and butterfly net in his Easter basket and they have been in heavy use since.

bug habitat

He thought it was important that the bugs feel comfortable in their new surroundings, so he lovingly picked grass and sticks to place in the habitat. One lucky ladybug even munched on a piece of lettuce when he insisted she be included in family pizza night. (He even took the habitat with when we were picking up our pizzas)!

That being said, he is totally terrified of actually handling the bugs to get them into the habitat. There’s a lot of strategy and shrieking from us both when we are trying to catch a new bug.

Helmets are optional for bug hunting.
I love seeing little minds at work! (Helmets are optional for bug hunting).

I think any big game- like a butterfly- is probably safe for awhile! (No bugs are ever harmed though- we practice catch and release)! 😉

Want to give it a try? Here’s how.


bug habitat (ours is from Gordman’s, but any plastic container with some tiny ventilation holes would work too)

butterfly net (if you are ready to go for big game!)

kid-friendly magnifying glass (optional, but fun)

Sticks, leaves, grass


1) Search for bugs

2) Shriek like a maniac when you find one (optional)

3 ) Place bug in habitat to observe

4) Release bug and repeat

This really is so fun to do together! Enjoy!

Not ready for live bugs? Check out this bug themed sensory bin!


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