Keeping it All Together

So you thought you were prepared for motherhood. You read all the books, listened to all your friends’ advice, probably even threw down a few “my child will never” statements. Oh, and the housework? You didn’t need to worry about that. You would never be the mom with the crazy messy house.

Now here you are, four years later, laundry piled around you while you text your friend for the sake of your sanity and half naked children launch themselves off the couch.

Or maybe that’s just….something that happened to someone I know. *ahem*

It all happens so fast! From the moment that beautiful baby is placed in your arms to the moment you start talking about preschool, the whole thing is a blur. And from what I hear, it doesn’t change as years continue to fly by.

And while we need to be wrapped up in learning the ropes of motherhood and cherishing the time with our little ones….the laundry still needs to get done. And you probably want to eat occasionally. And it would be super great if the house wasn’t a total pit- at least some of the time.

And so you find yourself like me my friend looking at the state of your house and wondering how in the world you are going to balance it all. And, I will be honest, I don’t have all the answers. BUT, I have found a few things that keep the day-to-day operations of our home running smoothly.

Here are my musts for keeping it all together.

1. Get a planner.

Keeping it All Together

Find one you like- I LOVE my Day Designer– and actually use it! I write down my to-dos, what’s for dinner, which house tasks need to get done and which projects I want to do with my boys. Having everything written down doesn’t just help me remember what I need to do today, it keeps me focused on my goals.

2. Invest in Storage Furniture and Bins

keeping it all together
The basket at the left hides toys under some toss pillows, the cubbies my boys are playing next to hide superhero costumes and yet more toys!

I cannot over state how important this is to keeping your house de cluttered! When everything has a place, it is easy for everyone- even the littlest of kids- to put things away. And it is super easy to just hide things out of sight when you need some mental peace and clarity.

3. Have a power clean routine

Power clean for you- and the kids too! My guys pick up their toys before nap- a big storage bench makes it easy even for my toddler!
Power clean for you- and the kids too! My guys pick up their toys before nap- a big storage bench makes it easy even for my toddler!

Identify which areas are the most important to you and clean those right away every day. For me, this means I make the beds, clean the bathroom, empty/reload the dishwasher and clean the kitchen countertops. I will often throw in a load of laundry during the power clean too. It sounds like a lot but it only takes me about 15 minutes and I do it while my boys are watching their morning shows.

We do a mini power clean at night too, putting toys away, cleaning the kitchen and doing another load of laundry if necessary.

As a bonus, the daily power clean really cuts down on the need for a big cleaning day. Every week (or two) I try to pick one day to do a quick dust, vacuum, mop and more thorough kitchen cleaning. Since stuff stays generally neat though, this takes very little time.

4. Get Some Help: Delivered

Take advantage of services that save you time and hassle (not that taking two young children out shopping isn’t fun….). Several services I use and love are Honest bundles and Amazon Mom. (affiliate links below)

From Honest I order shampoo and lotion for my boys, and their bubble bath is amazing! We love most of their products, but recently I am also loving their sunscreen stick and Oxy boost tabs. (New to Honest products? I highly recommend taking advantage of the free trial they offer)!

Amazon Mom has saved me so much stress! Having bulk boxes of kid-essentials delivered?! That’s about as close to a fairy godmother as you are going to get! (On the fence? Click to Try Amazon Mom for Free).

Bonus: When your bulk orders arrive in giant boxes, your kids will go crazy for the new “toys”!

These strategies and tools keep our day-to-day life running relatively smoothly. Our house never looks perfect, but it is generally sanitized and clutter free, which suits me just fine most days.

Keeping things together looks different for everyone. I would love to hear your best tips!

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