The Elephant in the Room

Several years ago I completely redecorated my home. I really needed a change from the matchy matchy, beige theme that had dominated my house before. So with the help of several style books and my trusty Pinterest boards, I set out to decorate my home in a colorful + classic style.

I followed rules and asked advice from a few experienced designers….and when phase one of decorating was done, I was happy with the result, but it still felt a bit hollow.

So I started changing and rearranging things and bringing in accessories  and my house started to have some of the happy, interesting energy I had wanted all along. Turns out, the thing that was missing from my home was me. My personal taste that would probably look crazy to anyone else, but because its in my house, it just works. And if it doesn’t work…..well, its my house so oh well! I don’t know if its years of sleep deprivation catching up to me or maturity, but I am slowly conquering the fear of “what people will think” and following my instincts for what I think looks good.

And in this particular case, my instincts were telling me “just buy the medium sized elephant head”. Sleep deprivation may be messing with my instincts. Let’s not pull at that thread, though.

Here is my new addition:

ele 1

I kind of love it. And just in case its not eccentric enough, I am considering painting it a lovely grown-up lilac color. Hubs will be adamantly opposed, I have no doubt, but he is sleep deprived too, so you never know. He might give in.  (For the record, when you text your husband in all caps : “I FOUND AN ELEPHANT HEAD AND I NEED TO BUY IT”, and he immediately texts back “Go for it”, you have chosen your spouse wisely).

I have learned it is so important that our homes reflect us, not just our Pinterest boards. It is wonderful to find inspiration and to follow the advice of experienced designers, but a home decorated with solely trendy or “proper” items lacks heart.

So I want to  encourage you today. If there is some wild paint color or unique DIY project  (or crazy accessory!) that your instincts are telling you to go for- just do it! It’s amazing how adding some of your personality to your home will make you enjoy your space so much more!

Have you ever stepped off the deep end with a decorating choice that you loved? Let me know! You never know who your project will inspire!

2 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. Wow… I want my own elephant head!! lol! I really like that, it is funky and pretty… I like to browse thrift stores for hidden treasures sometimes and for a while I felt I was only buying stuff to buy it… It was a good deal or whatever and all I ended up with was a dust collector. I’d say it’s been in the past year or so I’ve decided I am not allowed to buy any decor unless I absolutely LOVE IT! That one simple rule has helped me to find my decorating style…I’m glad you’ve found yours too!! TFS!!

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