Painted Stick Art

I saw this project from Art Bar Blog last week and I knew my boys would LOVE it! Our snow just melted in the yard in the last several weeks, revealing lots of small sticks on the ground that were perfect for this project.


washable tempera paint

paint brushes


tray or newspaper to protect the painting surface


1. Let your child choose a stick.

2. Let them paint.

That’s it! I gave my boys no specific directions, I just said we were going to paint the sticks. I was very amused by their finished projects:

My younger son is not quite 2, and is relatively easy going.  This is his multi-colored masterpiece:

stick art

My older son is 4, and has a very analytical personality. Here are his perfectly painted (and organized!) sticks:

stick painting

I couldn’t help but laugh at the stark differences in their projects and how they resembled their unique personalities!

I plan to add these to a vase to display somewhere in the house. The pops of color are beautiful! This project is so fun, I hope you give it a try!


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