Simple Easter Sensory Bin

Our sensory bin got some fresh Easter themed add-ins over the weekend! I just added a few things I had from my Easter stash, and some cute dollar-aisle cups and the whole thing seems new again!

image image

Here is the add-in list:

– plastic Easter eggs: mine are from Target

– spring colored mini koosh balls: Target party favor aisle

– plastic Easter cups: Cashwise seasonal section ($1 for 4)

My boys went crazy for this! 

My toddler and I listened to the sound of shaking beans in the eggs, and named colors. He really loved using the scoops to fill up the cups, which is great hand eye coordination practice.

My preschooler and I counted the eggs and made patterns with the mini koosh balls. He is also a big fan of filling the cups with scoops.

I love that sensory bins are so easy to adapt to each child’s interests and developmental stage. And not to mention they are so much fun! If you are new to the whole concept, check out this post to see my advice for creating a simple and engaging sensory bin.


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