Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a wonderful way for children to practice a variety of developmental skills in a fun, engaging activity. My approach to the sensory bin is simple: dried beans + scoops + add-ins. The add-ins can be switched out seasonally, by holiday or whenever inspiration strikes.



Large tote with locking lid

3 lbs of dried pinto beans (give or take depending on size of bin)

Scoops, small containers

How To:

Add all materials to bin. That’s it!


How does it feel? (Language development)

Scoop and transfer beans into a small container. (hand-eye coordination)

Pick up individual beans. (fine motor development)

Depending on the add-ins you choose, the opportunities for early math skills are endless  (think sorting, counting, more/less, etc.).

**The initial cost to fill the sensory bin can seem a bit much. (Not a lot, but $20 for a bunch of beans is not a normal purchase for me, anyways). However, the dried beans I have in my bin now have been in regular use for a loooong time. So it’s not as though that $20 investment is for only a few days of play. They should last months or even years, barring any particularly germy incidents.


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