Remedial Crafting: Mesh Ribbon Wreath

I stumbled upon wreath making while scrolling Pinterest one evening. I never knew how easy it was to make your own wreath! You can make them as fancy (*cough* expensive) or simple as you like. There are also many tutorials out there that involve using floral wire and tape- all totally great. Especially if you want to make your wreaths as gifts or to sell. But for our purposes here at The Lively Cottage, sweet and simple will do the trick.

Simple DIY Wreath


medium size wire wreath form (12 in)

wide floral mesh ribbon or burlap ribbon (you will need about 30 feet for a medium size wreath)

faux florals or other wreath decorations (optional, but recommended)

wreath hook


1. To get started cut a long, but manageable, piece of ribbon. Weave the ribbon through the wreath form (in a down and up fashion) fluffing and poofing   (super technical crafter lingo) as you work your way around the wreath.

2. When the ribbon is worked through and fluffed up to your liking, wrap in your decorations. Adding in extra decorations is not only cute, but a great way to hide flat or sparse parts of the ribbon.  I usually use the little single flowers Hobby Lobby has in their wreath section. They already have wire stems so it’s easy to just wrap them securely into place. If your decorations don’t have wires attached, try hot glue and twist ties, or spring for some floral wire at the store.

3. Place wreath on wreath hook and admire your super cute and crafty wreath!


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