Ice Creatures

We love ice activities! They do require planning ahead a few hours, but prepping this activity literally takes seconds. The most difficult part is waiting for the water to freeze!




Ice cube tray or freezer safe container

Small toys


Fill container with water

Add toys

Place in freezer until frozen (or overnight)


Remove ice creatures from the freezer and place on a surface you don’t mind getting soaked (a towel covered countertop, an empty tote, or outside if it’s nice out).

Provide a bowl of warm water, a few spoons and maybe a toy hammer and let your little explorer figure out how to melt/remove the ice creatures from the ice.

I love this activity using plain water for really little ones as well as big kids because it is taste and choke safe. In the photo above I colored the water green using liquid water colors. These are not taste safe but do add an extra element of fun to the activity. I do not recommend food coloring for this as it will stain hands and potentially the work surface.


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