Rainbow Chain

The paper chain. A staple for helping excited kiddos countdown the days to Christmas, birthdays, or any other hyperactivity inducing event. (Joking! Sort of..)!  And also a sweet,  simple accent decoration for a child’s bedroom or playroom.  Just in case its been a while since you have made one of these beauties, here is a little refresher course.



Paper (a few sheets, depending on the desired length. Colors or pure white- customize to the season, your decor or however you feel inspired)!



Cut or  tear your paper into strips (I get about 6 per sheet).

Bend a strip into a circle shape and secure with glue. Loop another strip through the first circle, secure with glue. Repeat.

This is a fun activity to do with your children- also very soothing for a mama to complete on her own during nap time!


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